experimenting in a group

"not having to hide. working together on letting emerge more of me into the world."

Very different workshops are at home under my roof, some as in-house-trainings in context of busicess and organisations, some for individuals.

wide field.

Voice anatomy, breathing physiology, techniques for conversation management, warm-up, posture, psychological-based anchors, work for the nervous system, relaxing techniques, speech breathing, balancing vocal registers, breathing in singing, pelvic floor work, internal attitude, visualization, vocal onset, orofacial myofunctional regulation, jaw joint.

you name it.

Frau sitzt in der Hocke im Kreis, auf ihrem Tshirt steht lalala.. Stimm- und Rhetorikcoaching in Regensburg. Workshop

for businesses

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for individuals

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#group effects

"Training with Lea is a special experience because she takes a very holistic approach to the subject. The inclusion of body and mind is very helpful. What is also special is that Lea always reminds us of a basic inner calm and uses this as a basis for the work; this grounds us and takes away possible stress and personal pressure."

Tobias M.