OSTEO 'O' Voice

voice wellness massage

"Breathing free, voice full and clear."

Zitat von S. Harre und S.-C. Sutmar

As etherical, volatile and non-tangible the voice is, so much is her basis the body with all its muscles, tendons and cartilages, with its bones and the fascial tissues.

Because of that and because I hit my verbal borders in the coaching sessions with all this volatileness I took a training in osteo 'o' voice in 2020-2021.

often touch is just more clear.

Developed by the osteopath Sven-Christian Sutmar and the Breathing-, Speech- and Voiceteacher (Atem-, Sprech- und Stimmlehrerin nach Schlaffhorst/Andersen) Svea Harre osteo 'o' voice contains the best of both worlds: gentle hands-on techniques which adress the bodyily structures directly work together with knowledge and exercises from working with the voice.

often it gets calmer through touch.

The harmonizing touch can have an calming and balancing effect and through that create ideal requirements for the voice and rhetorics coaching. It can extend the spaces of perception or or make them possible in the first place.

Frau krallt sich in Massageliege und zieht eine Schnute. Stimm- und Rhetorikcoaching in Regensburg. Osteo 'o' Voice. Stimmwellnessmassage

he moment people become at home in their bodies they can start to feel.

#letting the body doing it

für wen?

  • people with extensive/high voice use (at home, at work or on stage)
  • singers (semi-professional or in a small choir)
  • interested people (get in contact with me if you're unsure)

You could also benefit from osteo 'o' voice if you realize one of the following:

  • grinding or biting teeth, jaw pain
  • strange sensations (e.g. lump in the throat)
  • feelings of tension in neck and/or throat
  • shallow breathing, frequent breathing / air intake

osteo 'o' voice

Frau streicht Decke auf einer Massageliege glatt. Stimm- und Rhetorikcoaching in Regensburg. Osteo 'o' Voice. Stimmwellnessmassage

Voice Wellness Massage (after Osteo 'o' Voice)

It is possible that you come to me once. Speaking from experience at least two sessions make sense. Your body recognizes my hands and the touch can have a faster effect.


139€ in total

60 min.