voice & rhetoric coaching

"My voice is my wisest teacher. From her I learn how I am."

Every voice is unique - just how we humans are. She represents ourselves in the ears of our counterpart just as our face is representing us visually. Inseparably connected with our nervous system we tell stories with our voice about how we are and what moves us - not just in terms of content, but with all the fine tones inbetween and nuances on the side.
Our vocal and communicative expression is shaped by the experiences we made. Was I allowed to finish, was my voice perceived as loud enough, was the only goal of singing the fun of it? Often enough the answer to these questions is No. That's how we build rhetorical defense mechanisms and vocal armories to be able to respond possible attacks or criticism.
Behind that the most important goes missing: authenticity, personality, the special thing, "it".
A healthy voice can be what she was made for:
transportation for personality   l    catalysator for relationships   l    enablement of communication

Helping people to reach an expression which is more free, more light - that  I see as my biggest joy.

#the easy golden way


  • Holistic and specific
  • Mix of methods (z.B. SOVTE, functional voice training, Osteo 'o' Voice)
  • Perception-based and self-empowering

osteo 'o' voice?

Vocal Wellness Massage on an anatomical and physiological basis.

Eine Frau lächelt und zeigt ihrem Gegenüber eine Stimmübung oder erklärt etwas. Stimm- und Rhetorikcoaching in Regensburg
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Unlimited focus on your voice/rhetorics and presence

Eine Frau sitzt in der Hocke, auf dem TShirt steht lalala.. Stimm- und Rhetorikcoaching in Regensburg




Treating a topic of voice and/or rhetorics in a group.

Menschen sitzen im Kreis. Stimm- und Rhetorikcoaching in Regensburg


Voice Night Out


Getting to know yourself and get a taste of singing together.

Frau streicht die Decke auf einer Massageliege glatt. Stimm- und Rhetorikcoaching in Regensburg. Osteo 'o' Voice. Stimmwellnessmassage


Osteo 'o' Voice Massage

Wellness for your voice and your body.