The moon club

becoming woman

"Who can I ask about how I have to do this puberty? - Well, I'll ask my moon godmother"

Mädchen, das vor dem Sternenhimmel mit Mondsichel steht.
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In times of upheaval, we need guidance. We need orientation when everything in and around us is shaking and rearranging itself. We need reassurance that this is just a phase.

always the same, always different.

Moving from being a linear child into the cyclical nature of being a woman can be challenging. It involves saying goodbye forever, experiencing a loss of control over one's own body and a lack of role models for cyclical life, leaving girls alone with this major change.

who am i becoming as woman?

And where's the fun in that? Understanding the incredible nature of the female cycle, using the internal reflection tool and harnessing intuition to shape your life - girls could rejoice in this like a treasure to be explored. And thus become women who love being women, who know about their inner richness despite all adversity.


no longer a girl, not yet a woman, anything is possible in the middle.


  • Connecting head and body
  • Mix of methods (e.g. visualizations, reflection, free movements, relaxation, contemporary ritual work)
  • Perceptual and empowering
  • Queer-friendly


Are highlighters for special phases of change

Provide orientation and meaning

Are as individual as the people themselves


for girls

for women

Eine Frau und ein Mädchen schauen den Vollmond an. Weiblichkeitscoaching The Moon Club
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1 year accompaniment


Becoming woman.

  • 6 meetings over the course of 12 months, each lasting 90 min.
  • incl. individually designed ritual to celebrate menarche (the first menstrual period) á 120 min.
  • Visualization of the jointly developed content


1500€ in total

in total 11 hours

Hybrid model (online/presence) possible

Places are limited to 4 per year due to the emotional commitment.

Ein Mädchen sitzt nachdenklich vor einer Mondsichel. Weiblichkeitscoaching The Moon Club
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Ask me


The big questions.

  • One hour for your most pressing questions
  • Honest, authentic counterpart with answers to many questions
  • No taboos, everything can be discussed



129€ in total

60 minutes coaching (presence/online)





Eine Frau und ein Mädchen stehen vor einer Mondsichel und halten sich an den Händen. Weiblichkeitscoaching The Moon Club.
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Becoming 'moon godmother'

Take a girl under your wings.

  • Content on establishing contacts, subject areas and critical questions
  • Inspiration for joint meetings
  • Encouragement to reflect on your own biography


depending on offer

online and presence courses in planning





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