coaching for women

"My inner seasons teach me wisdom. The outer seasons remind me of this."

Frau mit langem Rock, die im Wald tanzt. Weiblichkeitscoaching
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Life means being cyclical. To feel the seasons within ourselves and to view the major changes as constant transformations that circle towards the center.
As women*, we have a special access to these circles, because our body circles around its own center approximately every month. Our hormones and our inner processes are subject to the principle of

always the same, always different.

Finding a home for ourselves with this circling, swaying and oscillating in the currently quite linear society has been my great concern and personal field of research for over 10 years. At the age of 19, I started asking myself the big questions, getting louder and louder:

who am I as woman?

Balancing everyday life, work, family, relationships and friendships is often enough a masterpiece. At first glance, it seems impossible to make this structure capable of swinging and to let go of the cyclical movements - and a great relief at second glance.

#approaching the center

when women take liberty, things become magical.


  • Connecting head and body
  • Mix of methods (e.g. visualizations, reflection, free movements, relaxation, contemporary ritual work)
  • Perceptual and empowering
  • Queer-friendly

Frauen, die im Kreis sitzen, eine rote Spirale in der Mitte. Frauenkreis Regensburg
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Circle of women


Getting to know the feminine power in the circle.
Giving space and boundaries.
Laughing, crying, deeply serious and completely light.

  • Diving into your own depths together
  • Female, non-judgmental safe space



90 min.

Dates in planning

Zwei Frauen, die den Mond anschauen. Weiblichkeitscoaching Regensburg
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1:1 Coaching


Work with me.
Your circling in the cyclical light.
Lovingly illuminate your path and peacefully immerse yourself in darkness.
Time to rest and follow your inner self.

  • Woman-to-woman in cyclical style
  • Adapted to your individual challenges




139€ in total

60 min.

package-prices available


The Moon Club


Becoming a woman.
When things get really hot and the hormones go through the roof. Any question is allowed, speechlessness is no reason not to talk to each other. Hope. Orientation.

  • Female support for girls and young women
  • Support for women who want to accompany a girl


depending on..

Support in an hourly format
Seminar days

contemporary ritual work?


  • Are highlighters for special phases of change
  • Provide orientation and meaning
  • Are as individual as the people themselves


  • Bluetooth box in the forest and dance
  • wear a long skirt and be a feminist
  • simple, accessible rituals instead of empty traditional shells